Mass Casualty Events In 2022 – Showing A Rise In Mass Attacks Since Last Year

Hedingham Neighborhood Shooting – Raleigh, North Carolina

On October 13th, it is believed that 15-year-old Austin Thompson killed his older brother 16-year-old James Thompson before continuing on a killing spree in the Hedingham Neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thompson shot and killed five people in the shooting, and he ultimately ended up in the hospital in critical condition after he was shot. There doesn’t seem to be a connection between the victims, more so it seems as though Thompson shot those he could see outside as he was running through his neighborhood. Ultimately Raleigh police fired 23 shots and shot the suspect once, though the two officers who fired shots have been put on administrative duty. Austin’s parents have said they do not understand why this tragedy happened, and they have also said they never saw any warning signs that this would happen.


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