Mass Casualty Events In 2022 – Showing A Rise In Mass Attacks Since Last Year

Walmart Shooting – Chesapeake, Virginia

31-year-old Walmart overnight team leader, Andre Bing, opened fire during a overnight stocking team meeting on a group of 15 to 20 staff members Tuesday night on November 22nd, 2022. Bing, who had been a Walmart employee since 2010, opened fire in the break room with a handgun and several magazines killing six people and wounding six more before turning the gun on himself and killing himself before police could arrive on scene. One employee, Briana Tyler, said that she thought the shooting was a drill before realizing the event was real and a bullet only narrowly missed her. She then described that Bing “shot haphazardly” and that she watched “bodies drop.” Bing’s motives are not known at this time, as he reportedly did not say anything at the time of the shooting. Walmart has said that they will being working with local law enforcement and doing all that they can to support those affected.


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