Man Arrested After Abused Girlfriend Slips Note To Store Clerk

Florida man, 37-year-old Mark Frumosu, is behind bars after being charged with eight crimes ranging from felon in possession of a firearm to aggravated assault. After Frumosu’s girlfriend gave a store clerk a note asking for help and stating that Frumosu needed help, the clerk called 911 and gave the dispatchers a description of the man and the car. Frumosu was stopped by deputies in Clearwater Florida when the deputies made a traffic stop to check on the driver. At that time he was taken into custody on multiple outstanding warrants.

It was later revealed that the woman with him was his longtime girlfriend, though she had been in terror for hours leading up to Frumosu’s arrest. Frumosu had reportedly pulled the woman’s hair, slammed her head against a door, and took and destroyed her phone to prevent her from calling the police.

While details of the interaction between the woman and the store clerk have yet to be released, the clerk is being commended for her quick thinking which may have saved the woman’s life.

At this time many details are unknown, as this story is still developing.

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