Colorado LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting Leaves 5 Dead

Just before midnight Saturday, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich allegedly opened fire inside Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub, in Colorado Springs. Aldrich used an AR-15-style rifle in the club and the shooting didn’t stop until at least two people, fought the suspect, took a handgun from him, hit him with the gun, and pinned him down until law enforcement could get on the scene. It only took the first police officers three minutes to show up at the scene. Though Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers has said that had the individual (s) not intervened there could have been more tragedy.

Police have yet to release details on the shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, though it has been reported by MSN that Aldrich is the grandson of GOP California state assembly member Randy Voepel. According to MSN, Aldrich had gotten onto local police radars for alleged bomb threats. In June 2021, Aldrich was arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat against his mother, though no formal charges were filed and the case was later sealed. Leaving many questions surrounding the relationship Aldrich had with his mother or grandfather, and how he was able to obtain the weapons used in Saturday’s shooting.

Police have also yet to come out and discuss whether or not Aldrich was shot when police entered the club. This is a developing story as details come forward.

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