Two Government-Owned Trucks Stolen In Idaho Used In Wyoming Crimes

Two government-owned trucks were stolen in Idaho Falls and used in crimes in Jackson, Wyoming with one in connection to a burglary of tens of thousands of dollars. The first truck, a 1995 Ford F150, was reported stolen from a school district parking lot on September 28th. It was then connected to a burglary at the Local Restaurant and Bar, before being found on October 19th in Swan Valley. The truck has since been returned to the school district in working condition. Then on November 7th a second truck, a city-owned 2017 Chevy Silverado, was stolen from a city garage. Lt. Russ Ruschill with the Jackson Police Department has said that this truck was used in multiple robberies at local Jackson restaurants stealing an unknown amount of money before the truck was dumped in Swan Valley and recovered on November 10th.

At this time many other factors are left unknown as police are still looking for suspects. They have however said they are not sure if there is just one suspect or if there are multiple, and if the suspect(s) is local or not. Law enforcement has not released any pictures or surveillance and no arrests have been made. Police are however asking for any leads at this time, and have provided the Crime Stoppers number of (307) 733-5148, or ask anyone with information to contact the Jackson Police Department.

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