Ohio Woman Kills Grandmother To Keep From Having To Pay Nursing Home Bills

Ohio woman 35-year-old Heidi Matheny was arrested for the murder of her 95-year-old grandmother Alice Matheny after she allegedly drowned her in the kitchen sink. It has been alleged that Heidi committed the murder to avoid nursing home bills. Though it seems Heidi has been cooperative with police and has described the incident.

Heidi described the incident to police in Ohio after committing the crime and exiting the apartment home through a window and making her way to a local police station. She said that she had taken her grandmother to the doctor earlier that day where a doctor had told the grandmother she would need to be moved to a nursing home. After leaving the appointment and having ice cream together the pair went home where Heidi came up behind her grandmother and plunged her head into the sink water until there were no more bubbles. Afterward, Heidi moved her grandmother into the bathtub to make sure she was deceased before leaving and heading to the police department. After Heidi alerted police to what had occurred in the home, police were dispatched and found Alice where Heidi claimed she had put her.

Heidi was sure to mention that it was “nothing that she did” it was just that Heidi knew they could not afford the nursing home cost and insurance wasn’t going to cover it. Eaton Police Division Chief Steven Hurd has said that based on their conversation with Heidi it was clear that she was just tired of taking care of her grandmother.

Police have arrested Heidi and booked her on murder charges in the Preble County Jail. The grandmother was transported to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy.

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