Georgia Prison Escapees Found And Arrested In Florida

30-year-old John Mincey and 18-year-old Meahki Carter escaped from the recreation yard of the Tattnall County Jain in Reidsville, Georgia on October 10th. Over a month later, on Wednesday the two were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida after U.S. Marshals spotted them at or around a convenience store. A girlfriend, 24-year-old Ezreyah Bragdon, of one of the men was also arrested as she was wanted for aiding the breakout.

The three have been arrested and taken into custody after an interesting run-in with U.S. Marshals. Mincey tried to run from the Marshals, but he was detained after a physical altercation with law enforcement. Carter then tried to run but was tackled to the ground and arrested after the Marshals tracked him to a nearby apartment complex. The girlfriend was also arrested after she was found nearby the scene in a car.

Originally Mincey was in jail on kidnapping, assault, and other charges after it was alleged by Georgia investigators that Mincy and another man abducted a teen they thought was stealing from them. Mincey and his accomplice assaulted the teen, before threatening him and forcing him to jump over a bridge.

Carter was originally jailed on armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a weapon during crime charges.

The three are currently being held in jail in Tallahassee waiting to be extradited to Georgia.

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