Mexican Beachgoers Find 3 Dead Bodies After They Wash Ashore

Saturday afternoon beachgoers in the popular Mexican resort town of Playa Condesa in Acapulco found two bodies that had washed ashore showing signs of torture. Then only one day later, a third body was found. The third was located on a military base close to the location of the first two at the nearby Icacos Beach. While the bodies were investigated by Mexican police and photographed, the cases remain open as the bodies have been removed from the scenes.

The first body was found tied to a cement anchor on a hand and one foot. The second was found lying face-up in the sand. While the third, the body found on the military base, was found with gunshot wounds to the back of the neck.

Acapulco is in the Mexican state of Guerrero, an area that the U.S. State Department has warned Americas since October about visiting. Citing crime concerns, as the reason for not wanting Americans to travel to the area. The State Department has said crime and violence are “widespread” in the area, and that in many parts of Guerrero armed groups are operating independently of the government “frequently maintaining roadblocks and may use violence towards travelers.”

Acapulco was the 7th deadliest city in the world in 2019, as a result of large amounts of cartel violence in the area. Though for decades, since the 1940s, the area has been a popular vacation destination for Hollywood’s elite.

This story is still under investigation, read more at Fox News.