India Man Killed Girlfriend In Case Inspired By “Dexter”

A man in India is accused of brutally murdering his partner inspired by the U.S. crime series “Dexter.” Aftab Amin Poonawalla has been arrested under charges of IPC sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence of an offense committed) in the six-month-old murder case of 28-year-old Shraddha Walker. Walker was reported missing by her father, Vikash Madan Walker, after her family wasn’t able to contact her for over two and a half months. Without answering her phone or posting on social media they began to worry about her before they ultimately reported her missing. When her father reported her missing he mentioned to the police that she had been in a relationship with Poonawalla and suggested he may have played a part in her disappearance.

Police initiated a search for Poonawalla after finding that Walker and Poonawalla moved to Delhi together, which was successful as they were able to find and question Poonawalla about Walker’s disappearance. Police have said that Poonawalla admitted to the crime and explained that he and Walker had frequent fights regarding Walker attempting to pressure him into marriage.

Police have said that Poonawalla is being accused of killing Walker and chopping her body into 35 pieces which he kept in a refrigerator he recently purchased in order to dispose of the pieces across Delhi over an 18-day period. When police searched his apartment they found some remaining bones from the crime. They have theorized that he was potentially inspired by multiple crime movies and web series, making a special mention of the hit show “Dexter.”

Police have also mentioned that since they have been investigating Poonawalla, they searched his phone for more clues where they found that he had been using dating apps like “Bumble.” Revealing he had been meeting with other women even after murdering Walker.

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