Man Kills Girlfriend And Baby Could Be Connected To Disappearance Of His Ex

South Carolina man, 22-year-old Tyler Wilkins charged with the murder of his girlfriend and their newborn baby is also the ex-boyfriend of a missing South Carolina woman from 2020. The Greenville County authorities charged Wilkins with murder, child abuse, child neglect, and kidnapping on Thursday with the most recent case against his current girlfriend. With the current case coming about, Mary Tucker, the stepmother of Wilkins ex-girlfriend missing 21-year-old Jorden Nebling has come out hoping for authorities to reexamine her stepdaughter’s case.

According to Tucker, Nebling and Wilkins were romantically involved and had been together the night Nebling went missing. Jorden Nebling went missing on October 10, 2020, when she was 19 after Wilkins picked her up in Traveler’s Rest after her car broke down and he brought her to his house. Wilkins told investigators back in 2020, that after he brought her to his house they got into a fight and she left. She was never heard from again though.

According to Fox News, Tucker has said:

“In my heart, I think he did something to her. He had a history of being abusive. … And police have searched his property. I know that they dug up a concrete pad in the driveway that he had recently put down close to when she went missing. And I know that the police focused a lot on talking to him. But unfortunately, Travelers — this is a very, very remote area.”

As of now Wilkins is accused of assaulting his current girlfriend Clarrissa Michelle Winchester and their newborn child. He caused blunt force trauma to her head and neck and after killing her he neglected the child. While he has had many other prior convictions including assault, domestic violence, and possession of a deadly weapon he has yet to be charged with anything linking back to Nebling’s disappearance.

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