Georgia Man Arrested After Attacking Family Members

19-year-old Luke Ingram of Dunwoody Georgia was arrested for the brutal killing of a family member and the attack of another in Palm Coast, Florida early Wednesday morning. At about 2:56 a.m. on Wednesday morning Flagler County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call concerning a man coming into the victim’s home and attacking him. Upon arrival, police were told by the victim that the attacker was a family member, Ingram, and that it was believed another family member was attacked within the home.

After police entered the home they found the suspect standing over the other family member holding an object which is expected to be what Ingram used in the attack. Paramedics did attempt to aid the injured victim but he was pronounced dead shortly later due to significant blunt force trauma wounds.

The suspect refused to comply with police, resisted arrest, and was ultimately forced to be tased in order to be detrained so that the paramedics could assist the victim. Ingram was later transported to Flagler County Courthouse and interviewed. Though he attempted to escape and attacked the detectives and deputies present at the interview. One detective was treated at a local hospital but is expected to make a full recovery from non-life-threatening injuries. Ingram was also taken to a local hospital to receive evaluation and gain medical clearance before being taken to a detention facility.

Ingram was arrested for second-degree murder, domestic violence battery by strangulation, resisting without violence, resisting with violence, and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. He is currently being held without bond.

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