Suspects Arrested After Authorities Find Evidence In Pawned Chainsaw

Police in Arizona are holding two suspects in custody after connecting them to the death of an 80-year-old veteran. According to court documents, family members of the 80-year-old victim were worried about him as he was diabetic and hadn’t been seen in about a month. On November 1st, police went to the victim’s home where they found blood on the living room ceiling, several walls, and on furniture. They also found garbage bags full of human remains and the victim’s head in layers of linen.

The victim’s two roommates, 58-year-old Thomas Wallace and Romana Gonzalez have been jailed on suspicion of second-degree murder, concealing a dead body, truck theft, trafficking stolen property, and fraud. Gonzalez had lived with the victim since last year with Wallace only moving into the home in April.

The suspects pawned the chainsaw used to dismember the body along with a camera bag with the victim’s business card inside. Police were able to recover the victim’s belongings from the pawn shop and found human flesh, torn ligaments, and biological matter still inside the chainsaw.

Wallace and Gonzalez were found and arrested at a nearby motel, where they also found the victim’s stolen truck.

This case is still under investigation. Read more at Fox News.