Ohio Man Shoots Home Invader In The Butt

36-year-old Ohioan Jeffery L. Carl was arrested last Wednesday after breaking into a home and attempting to burglarize the place. The homeowner is supposedly partially blind and had just returned home from the hospital the day before the incident, according to his nephew. He shot Carl in the buttocks before Carl could flee the home. When  Police arrived Carl was gone, so they brought out a K-9 unit that followed a trail of blood to a shed where they found and arrested Carl.

In his 911 call the victim said he didn’t know if he had shot Carl or not, while saying:

“Oh God. Oh, I’m a nervous wreck. I just happened to hear the door slide, and then I said, ‘Hey,’ and he turned toward me, he started walking toward me like, ‘I didn’t know you was in here.’ I didn’t know if… I thought he was going to kill me,”

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