Georgia Teen Returned Home Almost 5 Months After Vanishing

Georgia teenager, 17-year-old Kaylee Jones of Carrollton Georgia, has been found after missing for almost five months. Back on June 14, Kaylee left her family home by climbing out the second-story window in her bedroom. According to her parents, she had been communicating with some guys online. She had recently had her phone and computer confiscated when her parents heard what she had been doing. So when she left home, she did not have her phone which made it harder for investigators to locate her.

Kaylee was 16 years old when she began communicating with online strangers and eventually went missing from her home. She had been visiting online chatrooms like Omegle, a website that allows anonymous communication through messages and video chats. Her parents have said she gave personal information to guys online, like her family’s address.

This case is still under investigation as Kaylee was just found and returned to her parents, more details regarding where she was and what happened during the time she was missing will likely emerge soon.

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