Arkansas Mother and Unborn Baby Missing – Found Killed A Week Later

A missing pregnant woman in Arkansas was found a week after she went missing last Thursday. 33-year-old Ashley Bush who was 31 weeks pregnant was found murdered with gunshot wounds along with her baby, Valkyrie Grace Willis, also deceased though she was found in a separate location. Both mother and baby were found in Missouri, and local police and the FBI are still investigating the case.

Police have said that a married couple, Amber and Jamie Waterman, have both been arrested in Missouri this week under charges of first-degree kidnapping with the potential of other additional charges to be added by federal and state courts.

While the bodies were found in Missouri, authorities are still looking for additional details about where the deaths occurred and for how the mother and baby were separated.

It is believed that Bush was on her way to what she thought was a job interview for a remote at-home job, with a person identifying as “Lucy.” Though police now believe that Lucy was the fake persona of Amber Waterman. Bush was last seen in the passenger seat of a stranger’s vehicle on Halloween in Maysville, which is predicted to be Waterman’s vehicle before Bush was taken and killed.

At this time authorities are not providing additional details, as the case is still in the early stages and has many unknown variables to investigate.

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