RNC Joins In Suing Google – Over Censorship Issues

The Republican National Committee (RNC), has joined the list to sue Google this time over censorship concerns. Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC discussed this week that the RNC will be suing Google over censorship concerns with their email account. She claimed, according to The Stream, “that their emails would go from 90% deliverability to 0% in the last four days of every month for the past ten months.”

The issue here is that 55% of the country has a Gmail account and right now is peak midterm election season. Republicans looking for news from the RNC over elections, voting, and general party questions may rely on RNC newsletters and are not receiving them due to what McDaniel believes is Google.

While Google employees donate the most to Democrats, it could be a valid theory that the company, or its employees, have targeted Republican-based accounts keeping them from sending emails through their services.

Google has been having issues with tracking, censorship, and other problems over the past several years. As we reported last month multiple states have set up suits against the big-tech company after they unknowingly kept tracking dating from their Google user’s accounts.

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