Florida Man Receives Death Penalty After Violently Killing Nephews

After a five-day sentencing trial, a Florida jury unanimously recommended the death penalty Friday for a man who brutally murdered two boys earlier this month. Mark Wilson was tried and found guilty of the first-degree murder of 14-year-old Tayten Baker and 12-year-old Robert Baker. Wilson was living with the boys at the time, who were Wilson’s wife’s nephews, and reportedly he had beat them both in the head with a hammer before slitting their throats.

The boy’s mom, Sarah Baker, who was sleeping in the house at the time of the murders testified that she had seen Wilson outside sharpening a knife, which was later identified as the murder weapon, before the murders.

The most significant help the case had was Wilson’s mom, who agreed to record conversations she had with Wilson which ultimately led to his arrest. It was in these recordings that police were given the motive. Wilson himself explained to be “that he killed the boys because he believed the family was going to report him and his wife to the Department of Children and Families.” In the recordings, he also admitted to his mom that he and his wife had plans to “annihilate the entire family.”

Wilson’s mother has mentioned that while her son often spoke strangely, when she asked if he had committed the crimes he told her he had in a “voice that wasn’t his own”. She also mentioned that Wilson and his wife used drugs often.

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