Five Years Later – Suspect Arrested in Delphi Indiana Murders

Monday morning a Delphi Indiana man, Richard Allen, was arrested for the 2017 deaths of eighth-grade best friends 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams and 14-year-old Liberty “Libby” German. The murder of the two girls has been a mystery for over five years now, with many nicknaming the case the “Snapchat murders.” Though the biggest missing piece in the case has been what happened to the two girls and who did it as police have only let minor details revolving around the case slip as the years went by.

Unlike many cases, the Indiana State Police keep this case close to the vest concealing many of the details from the public. Questionably being the main reason for the public’s interest this case received.

After Libby’s sister, Kelsi German dropped the girls off at the entrance of a hiking trail in rural Delphi almost six years ago the girls were shortly taken from this world and left the community in a scramble to find the girls. Only a day later their bodies were found leaving their community and the country in a hunt for answers.

Little details surfaced from the police. Including pictures from the girl’s snapchats, and recordings from their phones leaving internet sleuths to piece together the crimes by themselves. It wasn’t until this last August when the Indiana Police showed interest in an Indiana man, 27-year-old Kegan Kline who had reportedly communicated with Libby the night before she was murdered on a fake Instagram account, that the public felt the case was picking up again.

Now only months after that lead was investigated a new man, Allen, has been charged with the two girls’ murders. Allen did plead not guilty Monday morning, though the County is holding him with no bail. He is currently set to return to court in January.

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