Man in Clown Mask Robs and Assaults Two Women

22-year-old Joel Hernandez was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly robbed and sexually assaulted two women in California, though investigators claim there may be more victims. Around 5 p.m. Tuesday Hernandez robbed a 54-year-old Hispanic woman at an ATM while wearing a clown mask, to arrive and find Hernandez walking in the area of the incident and matching the description. Once Hernandez was detained police found $500 in cash in his backpack. However, later on, investigators were able to link Hernandez to a separate crime that occurred only minutes before the ATM robbery.

Just minutes before Hernandez robbed the woman at the Arrowhead Credit Union ATM it is believed that Hernandez sexually assaulted and groped a 50-year-old woman in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store in the same clown mask. This victim has positively identified Hernandez as her attacker.

Hernandez was booked on charges of robbery and sexual battery in the High Desert Detention Center and is currently being held on a $200,000 bond. The authorities in the area believe that there could be more victims and they are, at this time, asking them to come forward.

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