Armed Man Hijacks Bus in New York City

Thursday morning an armed man hijacked a New York City bus in Queens. At around 7 a.m. a man confronted a bus driver in Queens New York City and demanded the driver open the door and drive at gunpoint. The bus driver was able to open the back door of the bus to allow passengers to escape the bus. At some point, while driving the armed man around, the bus driver was then able to jump out of the front window of the bus.

After the bus driver jumped out the bus crashed into a utility pole.

Police are not sure what the man’s motives were in hijacking the bus in the first place. They have also not released any other details about the man or the situation. However, the bus driver was able to escape with only minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital. It is also not known at this time if anyone else was injured in the situation.

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