Washington Man Tied Up Wife and Buried Her Alive

Earlier this month, a Washington man kidnapped his estranged wife and buried her alive. Evident through a restraining order and comments made to family members, Chae An and his wife Young An have been going through a messy divorce. The two have not been living together though Chae was going to Young’s home to do laundry once a week. So it was no surprise when Chae showed up at Young’s house last week. Shortly after the two were in the home together they got into an argument and things escalated from there.

Chae tied Young up and left her in a room. Young attempted to call 911 through her Apple Watch, which Chae intercepted before beating her up and drug her out of the home before throwing her in the back of his van and taking her off into the woods where Chae buried Young in a shallow grave. After escaping the grave hours later Young was able to get help from a nearby home.

After police arrived on the scene Young told police that her husband tried to kill her. Chae was arrested six hours later and has been in jail since. He was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree domestic violence kidnapping, and first-degree domestic violence assault.

Fox News has reported that when he dragged Young out of her home he told her “he would rather kill her than give her his retirement money.” The two have had a history of domestic violence. Young is now terrified of her husband and has asked the Judge to deny him bail.

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