Missing Grandmother Found 48-Hours Later Inside Python Stomach

Last Friday a 54-year-old Indonesian grandmother went missing near her home in Jambi Indonesia. After an intense search party throughout the area, she was found in the stomach contents of a 22-foot python two days later. The woman’s family called emergency services on Friday when they could not find her anywhere near her home. This was when the search started in nearby wooded areas.

After a search party found a 22-foot reticulated python on Sunday morning, they dissected its stomach contents and were surprised to find the woman. While no one witnessed the woman being eaten it had been about 48 hours since she had gone missing.

The reticulated python is the biggest snake in the world. According to Fox News, “some growing as long as 28 feet and weighing up to 320 pounds, according to a report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.”

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