Man on Parole Shot and Killed Two Hospital Employees Saturday

30-year-old Nestor Hernandez was arrested after fatally shooting two Dallas hospital employees this past weekend. Hernandez was given permission to be at the hospital, while under parole, for the delivery of his child after being convicted of aggravated robbery last October. He entered the hospital, accused his girlfriend of infidelity, and began hitting her with the head of a handgun all before threatening to kill them both. Eventually, he killed two employees who came to help the woman with her newborn.

45-year-old social worker Jacqueline Pokuaa and 63-year-old nurse Katie Annette Flowers were killed Saturday morning at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center after both women came into the room Hernandez and his girlfriend was in after Hernandez warned the girlfriend that he would kill anyone who came into the room.

The hospital’s Chief of Police Glen Fowler said that if they had been alerted that Hernandez received permission to be there and if they had known he was wearing an ankle monitor they would have tracked him. Though, according to NTD, they said:

““That’s not something we normally inquire about for a parent,” Fowler said. “This is an extremely horrific, out-of-the-norm situation. I wish that we would have known, but that is not some information that was provided to us beforehand.””

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia has said that Hernandez was serving parole for an aggravated robbery he had been sentenced eight year for. After being released only six years into the sentence last year though, he has already been arrested twice for violating parole.

Hernandez was shot by a police officer in the hospital Saturday after the incident and was then taken into custody and charged with capital murder. His girlfriend and the newborn have since been checked out and are fine.

Records have shown that Hernandez has been arrested repeatedly since 2011 for aggravated robbery, burglary, and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. As of now, it is unclear how he got the gun he used in this shooting.

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