Best Buy Employee Pepper Sprayed After Attempted Robbery

Last Tuesday the New York City Police Department arrested a shoplifter at Best Buy. After the robber, 24-year-old Jordan Smith, allegedly pepper sprayed an employee. Smith supposedly pepper-sprayed the employee after the employee tried to stop Smith from shoplifting a laptop. This comes after New York City saw a robbery spike of 16.4%, last month, in September.

On October 7th the city released its crime index statistics which has shown an increase compared to the same statistics released in September of 1.3%. The increase may be attributed to an increase in burglary by 22.7%, grand larceny auto by 21.5%, and grand larceny by 21.3%. Robbery alone has increased in the city by 16.4% since just last month’s statistics were released, according to Fox News.

NYPD has said that they believe much of the crime they have seen can be attributed to the revolving door of recidivism. The NYPD Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell believes that they have “too many well-intentioned reforms exploited” and the fact that violent crimes are not seeing any consequences has shattered the prevention of crime in the city. While the NYPD is still providing what it can without any consequences for violent crimes, what is preventing the people in New York from committing such acts?

A new poll, released Monday, shows that many voters are looking for the Republican party to fix crime issues if they flip the congress in a few weeks.

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