Police Officer Charged With Two Counts of Rape

Nathan Nash, a 38-year-old Spokane Washington police officer, was sentenced last Thursday to 14 years to life in prison. This comes after previously being convicted of raping two women while on duty. Back in August Nash was found guilty of third-degree rape and second-degree rape in two separate cases. He now also faces misconduct charges from the police department, which is set to go to court in December.

In 2019, Nash received his first charge when a woman, who he was investigating her case, accused him of rape. Nash was one of the responding officers in her case, when she reported that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. She told officers that Nash had raped her when he returned to her home to follow up on the case. Then in 2021, another woman came forward with a similar story.

After the second report, Nash was fired from the department. Though even this past Thursday, in court, Nash is still maintaining that he did not commit these crimes and he had said that he plans to appeal the sentencing.

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