Memphis Man Arrested after Killing Rampage

19-year-old Ezejial Kelly was charged with killing three people and wounding three others after a daylong crime rampage in Memphis last month. Kelly was seen outside of a Tennessee home where he shot and killed Dewayne Tunstall in the head only 15 hours before starting a rampage he live streamed. The city of Memphis Tennessee shut down two college campuses, the city buses, a baseball stadium, and asked residents to stay in their homes Wednesday as Kelly went on to wound and kill 6 additional Memphis residents.

Now, a month later, Kelly is in court for the rampage. On Tuesday, Marcus Cash, a witness to the first murder of Tunstall testified in court to seeing Kelly shoot and kill Cash. While Kelly has plead not guilty to 26-counts of crimes he was indicted with including first-degree murder of Allison Parker and Richard Clark, attempted murder, and committing an act of terrorism. While there was no guilty plea authorities have said there is enough probable cause for the case to be presented in front of a grand jury.

Prosecutors believe that the current two first-degree murder charges will be combined. However, there are over 20 other charges that Kelly could be hit with during the trial. Tuesday’s trial was only a preliminary trial relating to the first murder Kelly committed last month against Tunstall.

This comes just months after Kelly was released from prison early from a three-year sentence he was serving for a pair of shootings in 2020.

There are no details so far as to the motives for Kelly’s crime spree or explanations as to how he obtained the weapon(s) he used during the crimes.

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