Man Found Guilty of Murdering Pastor’s Wife

Last Friday Larry Jo Taylor Jr. was found guilty of murder, robbery, and other charges in a 2015 killing of Amanda Blackburn, an Indianapolis pastor’s wife, during a break-in. Taylor was sentenced to 86 years in prison. In September Taylor was also convicted on charges of burglary, theft, criminal confinement, and carrying a handgun without a license in relation with the murder of Blackburn.

Blackburn was murdered in what police are saying was a string of 2015 home invasions which Taylor was one of three men involved in them. This occurred only two years after Blackburn and her husband moved to the area from South Carolina to found the Resonate Church.

Taylor’s two co-defendants accepted plea deals and had already been charged before Taylor.

According to AP News:

“Jalen E. Watson pleaded guilty in 2017 to robbery and burglary charges. He was sentenced in March 2021 to 29 years for the robbery charge and 20 combined years for the burglary charges, and ordered to serve the sentences concurrently.
Diano Cortez Gordon pleaded guilty in 2018 to robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and burglary charges. Gordon was sentenced in September to 30 years in prison, with five years suspended.”

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