20 Cars in New York City Stolen Potentially to be Used in Other Crimes

Monday morning employees at a Mitsubishi dealership in New York City realized that 20 cars were stolen from the dealership over the weekend. Employees did not notice that the cars were stolen until they came in Monday. The thieves were able to break into a lock box that housed the keys to 20 late-model cars and drive off with them. New York Police Department Chief of Detectives James Essig has said that one of the cars was recovered in Brooklyn.

Out of the other 19 cars stolen, Essig feels that they will most likely be sold overseas. As that is the typical route for this type of crime. Police also feel as though these vehicles, unless recovered, will be used in other types of crimes. Crimes like robberies and burglaries, while most likely switching the plates of the cars around.

As of today, none of the other 19 cars were recovered though police are hopeful they can find the vehicles especially before they are sold overseas.

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