Chicago Woman Charged With Murder After Police Find Remains in Freezer

Sandra Kolalou, a 36-year-old Chicago boarding house tenant, was charged with murder last Thursday after police found remains of her landlady, Frances Walker, in a freezer. After Kolalou sent text messages to other tenants, police were able to link Walker’s death to Kolalou. Kolalou is also facing a federal charge of concealing a homicidal death and a misdemeanor count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a 24-year-old truck driver.

Some tenants received weird text messages from Walker’s number about Kolalou watching Walker’s dog and if anyone was moving out they should hand keys into Kolalou. While other tenants heard “loud bangs”, arguing, screams, and a “dish breaking.”

Walker’s phone was later found in Kolalou’s room, setting up Kolalou for the crimes. Though Kolalou’s public defender has said that this evidence against Kolalou is “largely circumstantial” and that she “maintains her innocence.”

As of now, local police are still investigating and looking for Walker’s torso. While her head, arms, and legs were found in a kitchen freezer during a police search, her torso has yet to be found.

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