Man Arrested as Person of Interest in Four Murders

Police have arrested a man in Florida in connection to the murders of four men in Okmulgee, Oklahoma Tuesday. The four men, 32-year-old Mark Chastain, 30-year-old Billy Chastain, 32-year-old Mike Sparks, and 29-year-old Alex Stevens, went missing October 9th after leaving Billy Chastain’s home for a bike ride. A witness has told police that he was invited to join the men that day to commit a criminal act, but it is unclear what that was supposed to be. 67-year-old Joe Kennedy was named a person of interest in the four murders, and was arrested in Florida on unrelated charges.

Kennedy was arrested on charges of motor vehicle theft by Daytona Beach police in Florida, and is being held in Volusia County Jail. Oklahoma authorities are planning to start the process of getting Kennedy back to Okmulgee County as soon as possible. They have also issued a warrant for Kennedy’s arrest in connection to a shooting incident he was sentenced for back in 2012.

It is unclear as to what makes Kennedy a person of interest at this time, or what is connecting him to the murder of the four Oklahoma men.

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