Police Arrest Three People in Connection to Death of Georgia Man

Police have arrested three people in connection to the death of a Georgia man who was found dead in a home September 18th. The man, Stiles Stilley, was found bound with duct tape days after he is believed to have died in a home in Douglas County Georgia. After two weeks of investigating and building the case, police were able to charge three suspects with Stilley’s death.

According to Patch, 22-year-old Elizabeth Allen, 23-year-old Marshall Fleming, and 42-year-old Daniel Gillstrap, were arrested and charged with Stilley’s murder.

WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, has said their charges include felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping with bodily injury, and motor vehicle theft.

It is unclear how the three knew Stilley, though they are now being held in Douglas County Jail without bond.

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