Missouri Woman Escapes Basement She Was Held Captive In

A Missouri woman was held captive in a basement for a month where she was raped repeatedly until she was able to escape and get help. Once she escaped, she identified a home belonging to Kansas City man, Timothy M. Haslett, as the home she was trapped in. Haslett was arrested Friday and appeared in court Tuesday.

The woman was wearing a dog collar with a padlock on the front and a trash bag when she was found. The collar and lock seemed to be preventing her from breathing, though after she was found the police were able to get the lock removed. At which time they took her to the hospital and when she saw Haslett’s home she identified it as where she had been staying in a small basement room for the past month since Haslett had picked her up. She also claimed that he had kept her in the room and whipped and raped her repeatedly since September.

Haslett was charged with first-degree rape, or attempted rape, first-degree kidnapping and second degree assault. He is being held with a $500,000 bond. Meanwhile police are still trying to figure out if he had any other victims. They have been investigating his home and truck and are still searching with cadaver dogs in the area to see if they can find any signs of anyone else he may have also had in his home.

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