Missing California Teen Found Dead In Her Car

Kiely Rodni, a 16-year-old California teen, had been missing since August when she was last seen at a school party near Lake Tahoe. Police initially thought her disappearance could have been a possible abduction. They spent two weeks back in August searching throughout the Tahoe National Forest for her silver Honda CR-V, but had no luck in finding her. At the end of August a YouTube for-profit search and rescue team, Adventures with Purpose, searched the reservoir in the area with sonar equipment and found her vehicle upside down under 14 feet of water and what looked to be remains in the back seat.

After police got involved and pulled her car out of the water, they examined the remains and are now saying they do not believe there was any foul play involved. Thursday, the local police ruled Rodni’s death as an accidental drowning. One of Rodni’s friends mentioned that she was not sober enough to drive and the area is rocky, unstable, and not well lit at night.

While the official full autopsy report will not be ready until Nov. 1, the local police are under the assumption that Rodni’s death was a tragic accident mixed with the wrong conditions.

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