Florida Woman Arrested After Threatening to Blow Up School

29-year-old Tiffanimarie Pirozzi was arrested last week while waiting to pick up her child from a Florida school. While Pirozzi was waiting in the pick up line for her child after school, she received a traffic ticket from the school resource officer for a disruption. She was then told she would have to make plans for someone else to come and pick up her child from the school. When this occurred, she simply threw the citation out the window and called the principal of the school. Though when she called the principal she threatened to beat the principal up. When the principal didn’t take the threat seriously and agree to let her pick up her child, she hung up and called 911. When she called 911, she told the operator that she was going to blow the school up if she couldn’t get her child from the school.

Pirozzi’s threat forced the school to go under a lockdown until the authorities were able to determine there was no immediate risk. She was then arrested and taken to a Brevard County Jail, where she was booked with a $22,500 bond.

She will faces charges for fleeing and eluding police, operating a vehicle without a valid license, disturbing a school function, and falsely reporting a bomb on November 8th.

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