Detroit Teen Caught Stealing Mustang After It Ran Out Of Gas

Wednesday evening a Michigan teen jumped over a retaining wall of a freeway before falling 25 to 30 feet while attempting to escape police. The teenager had stolen a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 from Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant at around 7 p.m. Wednesday, along with two other people who stole matching Mustangs. Local police saw the three Mustangs going north on I-75 and attempted to pull them over, before all three sped off. Though the one the 14-year-old teenage was driving ran out of gas, allowing police to catch him and obtain the vehicle.

The teenager, who was taken to the hospital, did not receive any life threatening injuries when he jumped over the retaining wall and was later released to his mother.

In the last month, over a dozen other Mustangs were taken from the same assembly plant and others in the Detroit area. Sparking local authorities to question if this group of three had any connection to the multiple other car thefts in the area.

Check out the story on Fox News.


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