Georgia Toddler Presumed Dead-Police Name Mother as Prime Suspect

20-month-old toddler, Quinton Simon, went missing last week from his home in Savannah, Georgia. Local police now presume that he is dead. They have also appointed his mother as the prime suspect in his disappearance. While he did live with his mother, his mother’s boyfriend, his maternal grandparents, and brother it was reported by Fox News that his grandparents were the legal guardians of him and his brother. WJCL22 originally reported that the grandparents were at odds with Quinton’s mother and were attempting to kick her and her boyfriend out before Quinton’s disappearance.

Local news channel ABC WJCL22 has reported a timeline.

In the timeline it was reported that at around 9 a.m. it was noticed that Quinton was missing from a playpen in the Savannah home at which point the police were called. Local police, the county Sheriff’s Office K-9 team, a Mosquito Control helicopter, and the FBI all joined together with neighbors to search the area in hopes of locating Quinton. Though after this yielded no results the Local Police Chief gave a press conference in which they indicated that there was no evidence to point to Quinton being deceased and they were going to proceed with the investigation as a missing person.

While local authorities have been searching, even returning to the home to drain the family pool, they have released a statement just this week, on Wednesday, that mentioned they believe he is dead.

While there was a press conference today, Thursday October 13th, there was not any new information released. The local police are still working on this case with the help of the FBI and are still creating the case in order to charge his mother with the disappearance or murder of Quinton.

For more information on this case check out Fox News and WJCL22.