California Woman Found Dead 2 Months After Going Missing

Monday the body of a California woman who had been missing for two months was found. The woman, 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes, was found inside a crashed car at the bottom of a cliff. Fuentes was last seen on August 7th, driving alone, after leaving a family gathering and her grandmother’s house before heading to a gas station in the early morning hours on that Sunday. Authorities believe that Fuentes might have fallen asleep while driving when she crashed.

Selma Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz personally found Fuentes’ crash site, after coming upon it based on what he describes as luck. Authorities are investigating the crash, and while they have roped off the area it is a 250 feet fall to another cliff and then beyond that to get to the car. They are having trouble getting to the vehicle to investigate further due to brush and it being a densely wooded mountainous area. Though they do believe Fuentes’ vehicle was the only one involved in the accident.

Fuentes’ family is thankful to the police for not giving up on Jolissa. Joey Fuentes, Jolissa’s father, said that Alcaraz promised to find Jolissa early in the investigation and went on to describe Alcaraz as his “hero.”

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