Missing Colorado Teen Found Alive 10 Days Later

Monday, Colorado authorities found a 14-year-old girl who was last seen 10 days earlier. Authorities are now claiming she took steps to avoid being found. At around 5pm, Chloe Campbell was found at a home in Thornton, a suburb outside Bolder. Chloe was last seen at around 6 pm on September 30th, near Boulder High School. She was attending a school football game, where she was last seen with two older men that her family describes as “sketchy.”

After Chloe never came home that night from the football game, her family started to investigate. Her family started a Google Docs page titled “Updates on the search for Chloe” where they added updates, as they received them. While authorities believed she was a runaway that could be in potential danger, Chloe’s family have said they feel as though other kids knew where she was.

When Chloe was found she was released to her family, following a medical examination. During which time authorities did not release many details other than mentioning they did not believe she was held against her will.

Upon taking in the report that she was missing, local Boulder Police did not issue an Amber Alert. Authorities did however, receive indications throughout the week that she was in fact alive. Many of her friends have even spoken out saying that they believe she had texted them stating she was with family out of state and did not want to return home. However, police in Boulder believe she was in fact with these men, based on her friends’ testimonies, who could be involved in drugs and who may have criminal records.

While authorities ultimately decided to not put out an Amber Alert they did put out a Missing and Endangered Person Alert, that would have alerted media outlets if she had not been found Monday. The case is still under investigation, however for now Boulder police do not believe Chloe was abducted.

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