Oregon School District Controlling Teachers

Last month President Biden stated that the pandemic is over. He mentioned that people aren’t wearing masks, and everyone is doing pretty well. Though just last week three teachers in the Bend-La Pine School District in Oregon were fired over refusing COVID vaccines. At the most recent school board meeting in the district, the board voted unanimously to fire Ensworth Elementary School teacher Kelly Lundy, La Pine Middle School teacher Zachary Webb, and Mountain View High teacher Mark Schulz.

School boards all over the country have had an issue with staffing as a result of mandates related to the COVID pandemic, with this sort of outcome becoming pretty common.

The three teachers have spoke out, mentioning that they felt coerced to use their religion to get out of the mandate. Which they felt was wrong to do. They also felt by following the mandate they were losing their constitutional rights.

Following the decision to fire them, Stan Pulliam, a Republican mayor in Oregon, filed a petition to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to repeal the state’s vaccine mandate. This petition, if initiated, could be a step in the direction of these three teachers getting their jobs back. However this could take up to 90 days to be processed by the OHA.

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