Oversight Looming for the IRS

Democrats have invested $80 Billion in the Internal Revenue Service and hired over 87 thousand new agents. For many Americans, this can be worrisome as it is uncertain what these agents are planning to do. Over and over again agents of the IRS have allowed taxpayer information to be leaked for political gain.

House Republicans plan to overhaul the IRS in order to rein in the agents and bring things under control. They are planning to launch immediate oversight if they win control of the house, and hold the agency accountable. However, even without Biden’s administration the agency would be a good candidate for an oversight as they are using equipment from the 70’s to process tax returns. With so many issues, and a large demand from the American taxpayers House Republicans, Vern Buchanan of Florida, Jason Smith of Missouri, and Adrian Smith of Nebraska, feel as though this is the time to make the conduct and practices of the IRS a top priority.

According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, one of the first bills the Republicans are planning to vote on will be one written by Adrian Smith aiming to slash funding for the IRS.

The House Republicans are not just planning to overhaul just the IRS, but more broadly they plan to use the Ways and Means Committee to fight Chinese aggression. Working against “woke” companies who are allowing China to control them. They will also be using the committee to investigate IRS agents. They hope by working on tax topics they will strengthen trade laws and stop Chinese related companies from reaping benefits in America.

Overall, bringing less control to China and those here, in America, who are looking to make a profit or gain from American taxpayers.

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