North Carolina Woman Arrested on Multiple Counts of Child Abuse

Bracey Renee Byrd, 33, was arrested Friday. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder, felony child abuse, inflicting serious bodily injury, malicious castration, first-degree kidnapping, and three counts of felony child abuse with physical injury. Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, in North Carolina, launched an investigation on Byrd shortly after receiving a referral from social services. When they received the referral on July 29th from social services regarding abuse to Byrd’s stepson, a five-year-old, they began looking into the woman.

However, before Byrd was arrested Friday her stepson was taken to Wilson Medical Emergency Department.

This was due to third-degree burns and a multitude of other injuries. The child was transported to UNC Burn Center, for injuries. According to Fox News those injuries included,

“bruising to the child’s face, arms, head, upper and lower legs, back and genital area, according to officials. Some of the injuries were older and in the healing process at the time.”

To follow the story check out this article on Fox News.


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