Kentucky Couple Murder 9-year-old Girl

A couple out of Daviess County, Kentucky were arrested Tuesday after tips lead police to investigate the disappearance of a 9-year-old child in the couple’s care. After receiving a tip from a caller who believed something may have happened to Alianna, the police began looking into the couple, 27-year-old Cheyanne Porter, and 31-year-old Jose Gomez-Alvarez. This search led local police to a storage locker in Porter’s name. Upon reaching the storage locker, they found a tote bag with what looks to be human remains inside of it.

Porter and Gomez-Alvarez, were taking care of 9-year-old Alianna Maya Gomez-Alvarez and her siblings at the time. Alianna’s siblings have told police that they were mistreated, and that Alianna was locked in the basement for an extended period of time where it is believed she suffered convulsions leading to her death.

The tipster that led police to the case mentioned that Porter and Gomez-Alvarez gave them multiple reasons as to why Alianna was always separated from her siblings. Which is what led the tipster to make the call to police.

Police have come out to say that the couple have been transients living in multiple different states and hotels for most of 2022. The storage locker that the remains, believing to be Alianna’s, were found in was actually under Porter’s name, though details surrounding what lead police to the storage locker have not yet been released.

Porter and Gomez-Alvarez were charged with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse and arrested. No further details have been provided so far in the case.

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