Unsolved Murder of Formally Unidentified Woman

In March 2008 remains of a woman were found by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, only to later find out that the woman was murdered at some point in the fall of 2004. Back in 2008 the officers in Sacramento went through hundreds of missing persons reports, distributed photographs, and even created a sketch of what the woman may have looked like. However, nothing good came from their efforts.

Last year, in 2021, investigators reopened the case with the idea of using genetic genealogy to identify the woman. Which is similar to many cases within the last few years, like the highly publicized Golden State Killer case.

After inputting the DNA and using genealogy software investigators found a match through a relative to the woman’s DNA. Identifying the woman as Shannon Vielguth. Shannon Vielguth was 35-years-old  when she disappeared. She was living as a transient for about 6 months before she was murdered, however it is unclear what happened to her. While she was most likely in Reno, NV and Sacramento in October 2004, the estimated time she was last alive, the local authorities are looking for anyone responsible for her death and are asking for anyone with details to come forward.

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