A New Serial Killer Not Afraid of the Dark in California

Over the past year, California Authorities have been searching for a serial killer in seven cases. The cases, six in Stockton Ca. and one in Oakland Ca., are seemingly linked together as the deceased victims have been men walking alone in the dark either at night or early in the morning.

The cases are ballistically linked, and classified as serial killings. Though there has not been a motive identified. Out of all six male victims there seemed to be no drug or gang violence and they were not robbed. While five of the victims were Hispanic, this does not seem to be a motive either.

The newest development to this series is a women out of Oakland being shot, but surviving. This woman was able to give a vague description of the man who shot her. According to Steven McFadden, the Stockton Chief of Police, she described him as a six foot tall male, wearing dark clothing, a dark jacket, and a black covid style mask.

In Stockton, residents are saying that while there has been a targeted operation on street gangs this string of murders in unlike anything anyone in the area has seen, leaving them fearing the streets.

Authorities of these areas are cautioning residents to be vigilant, avoid traveling alone and staying in well lit areas if being out in the dark is necessary. Police also released a photo of a person of interest and are asking to speak to the individual(s) responsible for these crimes. McFadden said this is not a common occurrence for Stockton and now the Stockton community is left with new fears for all men in the area as the perpetrator could be anyone.

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