(D) Tim Ryan EXPOSED – Skipping Work For HOLLYWOOD Fund Raiser. Claimed It Was Due COVID Emergency.

Similar to Democrat Representative from Iowa, Cindy Axne, who skipped a vote due to what she claimed was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but then was later caught vacationing in France – Democrat Representative From Ohio Tim Ryan ‘skipped work’ in order to fundraise in Hollywood. Democrats have held onto the remnants of the COVID-19 pandemic for as long as possible. While Democrats claim it is for public health concerns, they appear to also be friendly with the idea of claiming COVID-19 as an excuse to play hooky.

According to the DailyWire.com:

Due to the lingering COVID pandemic, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) cannot be bothered to show up in person at his job in Washington, D.C., but he does have time to travel across the country for Hollywood fundraisers.

“Tim Ryan claimed he skipped work today ‘due to the ongoing public health emergency,’” GOP Senate candidate JD Vance’s press Secretary Luke Schroeder tweeted Wednesday. “He’s actually headed to California to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hollywood elites.”

Hollywood super-agent Jay Sures hosted Ryan at one dinner and told The Wrap, “I’ve been friends with Tim, and I’m hosting because I think he’s amazing.”

“He someone I’ve known for a while,” Sures added. “I care about him and I would really like to see him and his family do well.”

Per The Washington Free Beacon, Ryan also met with “Mitchell Kamin, a high-powered Los Angeles-based litigator.”

Representative Tim Ryan felt that rubbing elbows with Hollywood elites was a better use of his time than doing the job he was elected to do – representing the people of his district.

AOC also got caught doing something similar. In January of 2022, while Democrats were still pushing for mask mandates, AOC felt that it would be acceptable for her to go to Florida (the state they claimed was essentially killing people due to their lack of enforcement of masking and vaccines), and go to drag queen bars, unmasked.

AOC would end up catching COVID-19.

Luckily for AOC, COVID-19 isn’t the plague that Democrats claimed it was, and she was back to tweeting in no time. 


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