Europe’s Right Turn: Giorgia Meloni Wins Italian Prime Minister Race

Giorgia Meloni is just one of the latest true right-wing figures to win high positions of power in Europe as of recently. Meloni fought against COVID-19 passport systems, and has right-wing economic policies. Just recently, right-wing Sweden Democrats secured the second largest share of votes, which removed left-wing politicians from power. Hungary and Poland have also gone further right-wing in recent elections, and right-wing politicians have been able to remain in power.

Giorgia Meloni has been labeled a fascist, far-right, and alt-right by many. However, this is typical of the left. Anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is always forced to wear these labels by the media. Some media outlets have even gone as far as to claim that she’s more than a Fascist, she’s comparable to Muosillini. 

Taking a look at Meloni’s policies, and based on her own previous statements, she’s not a Mousillini-like Fascist, and she considers these remarks to be a smear campaign by her political rivals.

Meloni’s stances 

Meloni’s stem largely from being a Catholic, which is something voters knew were her stances when they voted. She’s also pro-life, anti-gay marriage in principle (once claiming she’d “rather not have a gay child”), and anti-trans ideology.

Meloni’s largest controversies

Throughout her career in politics, Meloni has created controversies through her rhetoric and actions. Meloni’s decision to appear at a 2022 CPAC, as well as CPAC’s decision to host her, created controversy, with some claiming they allowed a fascist to appear on stage, as well as support her political career in doing so. Meloni’s largest controversies include her quote about how she’d “rather not have a gay child”. Meloni’s choice to not vaccinate her daughter against COVID-19. Accusations of Islamaphobia and Xenophobia arose due to statements suggesting that large droves of illegal immigrants from Africa or the Middle East have the potential of eliminating Italian culture and their original race of people. 

It appears that branding Giorgia Meloni a homophobic-islamophobic-xenophobic-transphobic-fascist can’t bring her down in 2022, as she just won the election to be the next Prime Minister of Italy, and become the first female Prime Minister.


Rai state broadcaster said Meloni’s Brothers of Italy in alliance with two right-wing parties appeared headed to take as much as 45% of the vote in both chambers of Parliament, compared to the closest contender, the center-left alliance of former Democratic Party Premier Enrico Letta, which apparently garnered less than a third of the vote. Rai said the exit poll had a margin of error of 3.5%.

Should she win, Meloni would be well-positioned to become Italy’s first far-right premier since the end of World War II and the first woman in the country to hold that office. Her party – with neo-fascist roots – would need to form a coalition with her main allies, anti-migrant League leader Matteo Salvini and conservative former Premier Silvio Berlusconi to command a solid majority in Parliament.

Italy’s complex electoral law rewards campaign coalitions, meaning the Democrats are disadvantaged since they failed to secure a similarly broad alliance with left-leaning populists and centrists.

Assembling a viable, ruling coalition in Italy could take weeks, however. Nearly 51 million Italians were eligible to vote Sunday. Despite Europe’s many crises, many voters told pollsters that they feel alienated from politics. Italy has had three coalition governments since the last election — each led by someone who hadn’t run for office.

She recently defended Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban after the European Commission recommended suspending billions of euros in funding to Hungary over concerns about democratic backsliding and the possible mismanagement of EU money.

Europe appears to be on a right-wing shift after the COVID-19 pandemic. Forced vaccination, long-term lockdowns, killing off small businesses, and ruining the daily lives of many throughout Europe for several months on end can be somewhat attributed to this right-wing wave were currently seeing. Along with this, Europe has been hit with droves of African and Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees, and the citizens of the countries have had little they can say or do. For multiple years the influx of migrants has led to an increase in crime rates and a change in the cultures of several countries, and the citizens of these countries have a right to be mad and vote for people who intend on fixing the issues that many feel the left-wing parties have created.


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