Republican Law Makers Take Aim At REMOVING Vanderbilts Ability To Facilitate Transition Surgeries For Children

Following reporting by The Daily Wires Matt Walsh, Vanderbilt Hospital may be out of luck when it comes to mutilating or deforming the endocrine systems of children. Vanderbilt just a few years ago proudly displayed their children’s trans care – which Matt Walsh has pointed to a 2020 YouTube video posted by Vanderbilt, appearing to show gender-affirming surgeries given to 13-year-old children. However, as of this past week, Vanderbilt has decided to go in the opposite direction – deleting their website for children’s transitioning care.

Republican Governor of Tennessee Bill Lee has promised an investigation into Vanderbilt due in large part to the finding of their children’s transition care units.

Matt Walsh is the host of The Matt Walsh Show podcast and a columnist for The Daily Wire. Walsh has been on the front lines of questioning transgender ideology, and exposing clinics that provide “gender-affirming care” to those under 18. Walsh recently had a successful documentary released, What Is A Woman?, which looked to get to the root of trans ideology, and expose those who attempt to manipulate children.

Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) via Twitter on September 21, 2022, claims to have met with Rep. William Lamberth and Sen. Jack Johnson about a similar issue as well. Walsh added that they are working on a bill to shut down Vanderbilt’s child gender transition program, as well as ban the practice in the state all together.

Fueled by a Twitter report, Republican lawmakers are planning to pass legislation in 2023 to stop Vanderbilt University Medical Center from performing pediatric transgender surgeries. Meanwhile, Gov. Bill Lee requested an investigation, and Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s Office said he will use the “full scope” of his authority to make sure state law is being followed. House Speaker Cameron Sexton, R-Crossville, said in a statement he is looking into “conflicting reports” on the matter but noted it is “inappropriate for any minor to have any gender reassignment surgery or puberty blockers given to them.”

“Your biological sex at birth is your identity. There will be legislation filed this session by many members to protect Tennesseans from this barbaric practice,” Sexton said.

Outrage surfaced among some legislators after conservative blogger Matt Walsh posted video and reports Tuesday showing Vanderbilt officials discussing gender affirming surgeries. Walsh, a political commentator, blogger and podcaster for the conservative Daily Wire, engaged in similar social media accusations against Boston Children’s Hospital last month. What followed there were threats of violence against staff and doctors, including a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of the hospital. “Your biological sex at birth is your identity. There will be legislation filed this session by many members to protect Tennesseans from this barbaric practice,” said House Speaker Cameron Sexton on Wednesday. A statement released by Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Wednesday noted that the acclaimed teaching hospital is “now the subject of social media posts and a video that misrepresent facts about the care the Medical Center provides to transgender patients.”

Walsh on Wednesday posted a series of videos on Twitter he said were taken in 2018 and 2020, including one featuring Vanderbilt physician Dr. Shayne Taylor calling gender transition surgery a “big money maker.” Some procedures, which are covered by the Affordable Care Act, could bring in up to $40,000 and others could cost $100,000, Taylor said in the video.

Taylor does not refer to children in the video clip Walsh posted, which did not appear to contain her full remarks.

Another video Walsh posted includes a Vanderbilt plastic surgeon discussing guidelines doctors must follow before performing “top surgeries,” or double mastectomies, on transgender patients. The requirements include a letter documenting persistent gender dysphoria from a licensed mental health provider and ensuring patients are capable of making fully informed decisions on their own, the physician said. Patients who are 16 or 17 years of age who have been on testosterone and have parental consent may also qualify, the doctor said.

But Walsh inaccurately characterized the remarks to suggest that after children are “drugged and sterilized,” Vanderbilt surgeons “will happily perform double mastectomies on adolescent girls.”

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and Sen. Ferrell Haile, who sponsored legislation in 2021 to restrict transgender drug therapy and surgery for prepubescent children, said they expect a bill dealing with transgender medical care to be sponsored in 2023 when the 113th General Assembly convenes.

Haile, a Gallatin Republican, said his two concerns are making sure Vanderbilt Hospital is following state law and then to ensure the hospital didn’t find loopholes.

Majority Leader William Lamberth said he is “deeply troubled” by the social media report. “@GovBillLee is right to call for an investigation and we will support that investigation 100%. This type of child mutilation should be illegal and soon will be in TN,” Lamberth said on Twitter.

House Republican Caucus Chairman Jeremy Faison wrote on Twitter, “Giving hormone replacement treatments to minors is unconscionable but threatening doctors with ‘consequences’ who have religious objections is against everything this country stands for.” He added that he would lead the “fight” next session to stop the procedures.

Their stance conflicts, however, with a statement by the American Medical Association.

In a letter to the National Governors Association, Dr. James L. Madara, CEO and executive vice president of the association, wrote that the group and its member governors oppose state legislation that would prohibit medically necessary “gender transition-related care to minor patients” because it represents a “dangerous governmental intrusion” into medical practice and could harm the health of transgender children nationwide.

State lawmakers have already passed legislation restricting gender-affirming hormones for children prior to puberty. Sanders pointed out this type of medicine was not being practiced when Haile sponsored his legislation. A separate bill to ban hormone therapy and gender affirming surgery for all minors failed in the Legislature earlier this year. State Rep. John Ray Clemmons, a Nashville Democrat, criticized the political outrage over Vanderbilt hospital’s practices. “Rather than using taxpayers’ money to investigate an internationally renowned and respected health care facility,” Clemmons said, he would support investigations into Gov. Lee’s use of no-bid contracts, failure to use federal welfare funds, shortcomings of the Department of Children’s Services, the departures of Lee’s cabinet members and alleged bribery by state officials during the 2019 House vote on vouchers.

Matt Walsh has proudly said that he will be playing “offense” – something he, and many others feel the right fails to do regularly. While the right sticks to their values, they typically get shot down by leftists who simply play the game better, and now Matt Walsh is using ‘cancel culture’ like strategies in a way to help the youth of America not be influenced by trans ideology and ideologues that hope to mutilate them. Matt Walsh’s offensive strategies appear to be working, and working rather quickly. Having state legislators and the Governor take notice within a few days of the initial reporting is impressive work on Matt Walsh’s part, and the sights are set on creating a paradigm shift in the right that doesn’t accept these ideologies to poison our youth.


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