Pennsylvania Republicans Are STILL Facing An Uphill Battle During Final Weeks Of Midterms

Polling from multiple sources, including CBS News and YouGov, are pointing in the wrong direction for Dr. Oz and other Republican candidates during the 2022 Midterm season. Dr. Oz’s opponent, Lt. Governor John Fetterman, is supported by 52% of voters, while Dr. Oz is only supported by 47% of voters. Dr. Oz appears to be winning simply due to being the Republican on the ticket due to only 15% of Dr. Oz voters responded to voting for him “mainly because” they like him, while Lt. Governor John Fetterman polled at 56% of voters due to popularity.

Dr. Oz, a celebrity and T.V. personality, should in theory have voters voting for him because of his past work, but it’s possible he’s turned some people off. Lt. Governor John Fetterman has gained sympathy due to his stroke, and his Twitter has been doing well too, frequently gaining more traction on Tweets in comparison to Dr. Oz’s Twitter account. While voting isn’t a popularity contest and Twitter clout doesn’t translate to voters, it can’t be ignored that Lt. Governor John Fetterman has a following that goes beyond politics, meanwhile, Dr. Oz is trying to appeal to anyone he can. 

Democrats are hoping that Fetterman will help to provide a majority in the evenly divided Senate. However, Fetterman suffered a stroke days before the commonwealth’s primary election and has since stumbled through speeches at multiple campaign appearances. Roughly 41% of voters believe that Fetterman is not in “good enough health” to serve in public office.

The Fetterman campaign has repeatedly criticized Oz for his longtime residence in New Jersey. Only 33% of voters believe that Oz has been in Pennsylvania “long enough to understand the state’s issues.” While 71% of poll respondents said that they would have preferred “someone different” to headline the Republican ticket, 51% said the same about the Democratic ticket.

Oz narrowly prevailed over David McCormick, a former Bush administration official, in the Republican primary race after the latter conceded during recount deliberations. Republican voters at the time also found Oz to be the most polarizing candidate on the primary ballot.

Pennsylvania is among the most closely watched states in the midterm elections. Due to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Pennsylvania — which has a Republican-led legislature — is likely to debate bills related to abortion after the midterms.

Meanwhile, 55% of voters plan to vote for Pennsylvania attorney general and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro, and 44% plan to support Republican State Sen. Doug Mastriano.

Although Mastriano decisively won his primary race, Shapiro appeared to prefer him as an opponent in the general election —  even financing primary campaign advertisements that depicted Mastriano as “ahead in the polls,” the author of Pennsylvania’s heartbeat bill, a leader in the “fight to audit the 2020 election,” and “one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters.”

The robust performance from the Democrats comes as a surprise given low popularity ratings for President Joe Biden. According to the poll, 58% of respondents disapprove of the commander-in-chief, while only 42% approve.

Dr. Oz has yet to pull ahead in his Senate race against Lt. Governor John Fetterman, as the polls have consistently placed Dr. Oz a few points below Fetterman. The bright side – the polls originally showed that Dr. Oz didn’t have a fight chance, showing he was over 10 points below Fetterman just a few months ago. The polling has quickly narrowed, and it could be that Dr. Oz is gaining traction. While Dr. Oz and Lt. Governor John Fetterman have yet to debate, seeing as Dr. Oz is pushing for the debate fiercely and Fetterman is seen as fleeing from debating, Dr. Oz could be waiting for his chance to officially move ahead assuming he has a good performance on the debate stage.


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