The Big Guy Caught In A Big Lie

Joe Biden, who has avoided questions about his son’s overseas business dealings, the pictures of him on his laptop doing drugs, nude, creating sex tapes, etc. President Biden has claimed to know nothing about this, and has also attempted to deflect when people have questioned his son’s poor behavior. When questioned about this poor behavior and illegal acts, President Biden would often bring up his son’s addiction and recovery, likely in an attempt to make the questioner appear to be the bad guy for asking.

New York Post columnist and “Laptop from Hell” author Miranda Devine ripped President Biden on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show Tuesday, pointing to “overwhelming evidence” that the president was directly involved in his son Hunter’s shady business dealings. Devine pointed to testimony from one of Hunter’s former associates Tony Bobulinski who claimed the “Big Guy” mentioned in controversial emails surrounding the scandal is President Biden himself.

MIRANDA DEVINE: It’s quite shocking. We already knew, thanks to the whistleblowers that have very courageously come forward to Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson – the Republican senators – but what we now have found out and what I’ve reported on in Monday’s paper is that Timothy Thibault, who is the disgraced FBI agent named by the whistleblowers as having suppressed the Hunter Biden information that came to the FBI before the 2020 election, was in charge of Tony Bobulinski’s material. He was appointed by the FBI to manage Tony Bobulinski, who was probably the most crucial whistleblower when it came to the Hunter Biden material. Nothing to do with the laptop, but Tony Bobulinski had been the business partner of Hunter Biden, and he knew that Joe Biden was involved with this multi-million dollar deal with China that was detrimental to America’s national interest. Tony Bobulinski being a patriot, being a Navy veteran, much decorated, having top secret security clearances from the NSA and from the Department of Energy, he decided to stand up before the election. He gave a press conference a couple of weeks before the election, and he told what he knew. He said that the ‘Big Guy’ was Joe Biden.

There is just overwhelming evidence to show that Joe Biden lied when he said during the election campaign that he knew nothing about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

The Hunter Biden story, originally reported on by the New York Post, and a handful of smaller outlets after, was overall widely ignored by almost all mainstream media outlets. Proving the validity of the story has been slow rolled, and one could only assume that this is due to political reasons. Charges have not been filed, and 2 years later the story is widely not discussed by most news outlets. While Hunter Biden is not the President, the connections that he has to Joe Biden in his professional life should raise questions about corruption.


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