Putin Adviser Daughter Killed in Car Explosion

According to ZeroHedge:

Russian media is reporting the death of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian ideologue and political adviser Alexander Dugin. Dugina’s death is being attributed to a vehicle explosion that occurred approximately 20 km west of Moscow around 9:45 pm local time. While emergency responders were not able to identify the victim due to severe burns, RT reports that Alexander Dugin was seen at the site of the incident. It is worth noting that authorities have not confirmed the identity of the deceased.

Darya Dugina emerged from the wake of her father’s intellectual influence as a political commentator who echoed Dugin’s philosophical tenets. Dugina herself was a vocal supporter of the Putin regime and its military intervention in Ukraine which she framed as the rejection of western expansion and influence into Eurasia.

Her father Alexander Dugin has been been framed as the leading philosophical figure within Putin’s inner circle. His political framework for Novorossiya, the geographical area of eastern and southern Ukraine stretching from the Donbas to Odessa, is viewed as the archetype of Russia’s territorial aims from the war. The use of the name Novorossiya hearkens back to the days of the Russia Tsardom when the lands directly north of Crimea were claimed as Russian territories during the Russo-Turkish War of 1768 – 1774 during the reign of Catherine The Great. The governate would become the first region in which the Jews were allowed to settle under the Russian Empress and the fortification of Russia’s Black Sea presence. The cultural intersection of Jews, Russians, and Cossacks in the region serves as historical basis for the cultural landscape Dugin’s Neo-Eurasian political philosophy espouses.

As details continue to emerge, initial speculation insinuates that the explosion was a botched assassination attempt on Dugin himself that only ended up claiming the life of Darya. Dugin was set to leave a festival at the Zakharavo Estate with his daughter before deciding to take another vehicle according to Petr Lundstrem, a Russian concert violinist who also attended the festival. While the situation is still developing, if initial reports about the explosion are indeed confirmed then it would mark the most high profile assassination aimed at the political apparatus of the Russian Federation since the onset of the war in Ukraine.

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